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A Future Layout
A trace in the sense of an imprint
Inscribed in the ground, the stone, hard, there for a long time, a very longtime.
A trace in the linear, dynamic sense
In the sense of a trail, a trait
I propose a line of light
The line of light is transversal, perforates the relief,
Enigmatic, mysterious,
Symbol of a future
Of a confrontation of light and matter,
Generally matter stops light in its path
Here matter is perforated by light.
It is the meeting point of extremes.
Of mass and evanescence
Of thick and thin
Of shadow and light
Of invisible and visible
Of opacity and transparency
Of hidden and revealed
Of disappearance and appearance.
For these fragile reasons it is an inscription of culture.
On this outline Lines are drawn, develop
To a rhythm and programs that only history will define.
Libraries, museums, music halls, theatres,
But also places of tomorrow at every scale
Seeking media of the future.
The cultural as an echo of the cultural
It attracts and becomes a place of shared emotions.
Jean Nouvel

- Status: Competition
- Location: Galicia, Spain
- Dates: August 1999
- Gross Floor Area: 70 000 m2 terrain
- Net Floor Area: 60 000 m2
- Type of Comission: Competition by invitation
- Program: Cultural Center with opera, auditorium, theater, library and two museums
- Construction cost: 18 000 000 000 Pesetas, 108 182 200 €
- Client: Département de la Culture, Communication Sociale et Tourisme
Architectural Team
- Projet Manager: Françoise Raynaud
- Architects: G.Waiser, S.Redele, F.Vialet, A.Beckmann, G.Delage , J. Le Bariller, R.Pature, K.Marjamaki
Consultant Team
- Model: Etienne Follenfant
- 3D images: Eric Anton – Artefactory