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In 2001, the Perugia Municipality decided to hand over to AJN the architectural design for the "MiniMetro" project. The project is inscribed in a complicated topography of hills that characterizes the land of Perugia. The project covers a length of 3 kilometres, including a 1.5 kilometre viaduct that connects the city outskirts with the town's historical centre.
The new line, its 7 stations and 2 end stations, Pian de Massiano and Pincetto, were inaugurated in January 2008.

- Status: Built
- Location: Perugia, Italy
- Dates:
1st phase general concept: July 2000
2nd phase concept terminus stations, Preliminary Design, Final Design: November 2001
3rd phase Detail Design: October 2002
Building work: November 2002 / January 2008
- Client: Comune di Perugia, Minimetro s.p.a.
- Type of commission: Public / Private
- Program: Artistic direction for the realization of the metro line “minimetrò Pian di Massiano – Giardini del Pincetto”.
Definition of the different types of stations and of the line in general, specific studies for the terminus stations of Pincetto and Pian di Massiano.
- Net Floor Area: 7 stations for a total of 3500 m2, offices and commercial 2000 m2
- Budget: 106 000 000 €

Architectural team
Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Alessandro Carbone
- Adviser to Jean Nouvel: Hubert Tonka
- Project leader: 1st phase: Federico Masotto
2nd phase and artistic direction : Alessandro Carbone
- Architects: 2nd phase: Cristina Ventura, Maria Raffaella Falbo, Kristian Sullivan, Livia Tani, Laura Pistoia, Filippo Ortolani, Lorenzo Felici
- Computer imagery: 1st phase: Artefactory
2nd phase: Andrea Ciofi degli Atti, Carlo Prati

Engineers: Studio Ciuffini / Naif

Consultant Team
Design development and building work: Studio Ciuffini / Naif