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Endowed with considerable natural and energy resources, Malaysia is briskly pursuing a development program, the goal of which is to catch up with the industrialized countries by 2020. It has just offered a tangible demonstration of its economic vitality with the inauguration of twin towers -the tallest in the world to date - to house Petronas, the national oil company. As a precondition, Tenega nasional, the company which manages the country's energy resources, stipulated three watchwords for the building of its new headquarters: prestige, modernity and tradition. The majority of the Malaysian population is Muslim. Favorably impressed by the Arab World Institute, a developer aspiring to overall supervision of the contract came to see Jean Nouvel. The program explicitly called for a tower. Apart from his Arabo-Parisian experience, Nouvel felt at home with an aesthetic which highlighted water, light, and shadow as its choice features. He therefore designed for the Malaysian company a site inspired by those Indian mogul gardens where water, rock and vegetation are blended in complex geometric motifs to pick out the landscape and provide distinctive perspectives. The tower is located by the main road leading to the city, it stands in a hollow in the middle of a square patch of land; as the building is approached, its reflection soars out of the increasingly omnipresent sheet of water. The tower is similarly square-plan, with no central core, and its façades are given a varied treatment, geometric motifs intertwined into metal grating form a double skin on the east, south and west sides, while the north side features clear, unadorned glazing. In this way, each façade provides the offices with shaded light and shapes which change with the moving sun.
Olivier Boissière

- Status: Unbuilt
- Location: Tenaga Nasional Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Dates: 1995
- Gross Floor Area: 430 800m2, 4 308 000sq ft
- Type Of Commission: Private
- Program: Office tower, 70 levels, 1 300 000sq ft, mosque, 20 000sq Ft, high tech offices, 1 080 000sq ft, shops, 480 000sq ft, union building, 28 000sq ft, museum, library, training center, 800 000sq ft, hotel, 600 000sq ft park and parking spaces
- Construction Cost: 230 000 000€, 209 000 0000$
- Client: Tenaga Nasional (Developer : Kausar Corporation)
Architectural Team
- Project Managers: Françoise Raynaud, Guillaume Neuhaus
- Architects: Didier Brault, Beth Weinstein, Philippe Mathieu, Julie Parmentier
- Graphic Design: Sabine Rosant
- CAD Design: Axyz (Bordeaux)
Consultant Team
- Engineers: Ingerop
- Quantity Surveyor: Ingerop
- Iconography: Anne Fremy
- Model : Etienne Follenfant
- Computer Images: Axyz (Bordeaux)