JVC Omnilife Headquarters

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Working in the Coloured Shade of Pergolas and Palm Trees
In Guadalajara the houses are low and the trees tall.
The JVC Omnilife headquarters site is nearby a protected park.
The concept is to extend the park to read the office as part of this landscape, and transform the office building into a scatter of houses at this horizontal city scale.
This joining of office and park allows one to work and to take strolls in the park under an artificial blue sky, to be protected from the real sky- which is revealed at moments through the vegetation. The artificial sky and vegetation are arranged on a grid pattern of mathematical shadows, seeking to stir emotions under its shades and light. Since Guadalajara is the city of Luis Barragan, and here color is an age-old tradition, the office-houses are painted with uncertain and changing color schemes- from red to yellow, from brown to blue...so as to create, under the shades, a blurring of colors and light.
Jean Nouvel

- Status: Unbuilt
- Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
- Dates: 1999
- Net Floor Area: 12 920m2, 129 200sq.ft
- Type of Commission: Private
- Program: Headquarters For Omnilife, 83 200sq Ft; Shops, Offices To Rent, 46 000sq Ft
- Construction Cost: 27 000 000€, 25 000 000$
- Client: Omnitrition de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Jorge Vergara
Architectural Team
- Project Managers: Cristiano Benzoni, Gunther Domenig, Marie-Helene Baldran (Design Development)
- Project Manager Assistant: Sophie Thuillier
- Architects: Marie Helene Baldran, Damien Renchon, Markus Franck, Saelzer Jorge, Esther De Moraes, Michelle Beltran, Diego Delfin
- Consultant : Quantum
- Landscaping : Perrine Calzada
- Environment : Hubert Penicaud
- Models: Jean-Louis Courtois
- Computer Images: Artefactory, Didier Ghislain