W Hotel

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The hotel is conceived as an extension of the corniche promenade. Like a dock, it is set into, and becomes a part of Dubai creek according to a principle of horizontal platforms in relationship with the water. This building appears as a series of wooden platforms that deploying themselves vertically from the promenade deck up through the hotel room floors to the roof.
The building can be read as a great sailing ship with its bridges and decks, wrapped on the outside in layers of vegetation which extend the surrounding park up onto the building.
The principal hotel wing reaches out over the water, creating a protected space sheltered from the hot desert wind and allowing outdoor activities to develop around the quayside - public promenade, pontoons, restaurants, bars - organized around water and boats.
The architectural vocabulary is linked to boats, sails, and water, and carries an idea of luxury and preciousness that pervades the building inside and out, blurring the line between interior and exterior.

- Status: Unbuilt
- Location: Dubai, UAE
- Dates: nov 2005-2006: concept design
- Gross Floor Area: 52,000m2
- Contract type: private
- Program: International hotel with 350 rooms and serviced apartments; includes pool, spa, nightclub, retail, restaurants, etc..
- Budget: 105.000.000 $
- Client: Dubai Festival City
Exploitant : W Hotels Worldwide

Architectural team
- Associate: Hala Warde
- Interior design director: Sabrina Letourneur
- Project managers: Xavier Leplaë (Architecture), Denis Laurent (Interior design)
- Architects: Alain Gvozdenovic, Laetitia Leinartz, Didier Lobjois, Anthony Pascual, Nobuo Yoshida
- Interior design: Denis Laurent
- Landscape: Emma Blanc, Remy Turquin
- Graphics: Rafaelle Ishkinazi
- Mock-ups: Jean-marc Kurczewski, Rod Marawi
- Computer graphics: Manal Rachdi
- Light: Odile Soudant

Consultant Team
- Facades: RFR
- Structure / Fluids: ARUP
- Climatic: Transsolar
- Maritime: Mouchel Parkman
- Economy: TTS