Press Release: Philharmonie de Paris

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On December 9th 2014 Jean Nouvel initiated proceedings in Paris Superior Court against the Philharmonie de Paris. In its ruling dated April 16th 2015, the court ruled against the opposing party that Jean Nouvel is the author of the Philharmonie de Paris. The court ruled against the opposing party that it has jurisdiction in the case.
​The emergency proceeding was initiated to bring an immediate end to cost overruns, defective works, and damage to the work of Jean Nouvel. Today, the court requires additional detailed and comparative information to make a judgment. The court’s ruling is only a first step for Jean Nouvel, who continues to fight to ensure that the Philharmonie lives up to its mission and its ambition. Unfortunately, the building is still not complete, and each day brings its share of nonconformities and incongruities.