Horizons Tower

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The "Non Tower"

The architect’s role within the society is to act as an interpreter of its broad movements. Listening to its tendencies, its historical, cultural, social and environmental mutations, the architect’s mission is to transcribe them into a poetic language.
"Horizons" proposes a new way of looking at an office tower. This “non tower” is about stratification, about stacking, about finding reasons to invent terraces, fictitious horizons, contrasts, about revealing references, diversities, interferences with nature, a distant dialogue with Saint-Cloud hillside. The intention is for people to feel that the place where they live or work is a specific place that is different from their neighbor’s place. The people who will use this building are not numbers. Horizons has been conceived in the hope that architecture can mean respecting individualities and can offer individual users small pleasures with light, framed views, pleasures often forgotten or considered unnecessary. It is a small gesture but today opportunities for mixing work with pleasure have become rare.
Jean Nouvel

STATUS Built. Inaugurated in June 2011
LOCATION 30, cours de l'Ile Seguin  - ZAC Seguin rive de Seine, 92100 - Boulogne-Billancourt (FR)
CLIENT Hines France
ARCHITECT Jean NOUVEL - Ateliers Jean Nouvel
PARTNER David Fagart
ARCHITECTS Arnaud Brichet, Vincent Chaigneau, Grégoire de France, Matt Grady, Alain Gvozdenovic, Freddy Laun, Yves Rouby, Nathalie Sasso, Andrés Souza Blanes y Cortés, Martin Tegaldo, Nabila Zerrouki
INTERNS Marion Delqueux, Marie de Guillebon, Sébastien Lutzelschwab, Utte Rinebach, Antoine Rouzeau
GRAPHIC DESIGN Rafaëlle Ishkinazi, Eugénie Robert, Natalie Saccu de Franchi, Elise Taponier
INTERIOR DESIGN Amandine Chezeau, Jérémy LeBarillec, Sabrina Letourneur, François Zab
LANDSCAPE Rémy Turquin
COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES Benjamin Alcover, Georges Batzios, Julien Cottier, Mizuho Kishi
LIGHT DESIGN Odile Soudant, Mathieu Gabry
Execution: Arcoba
Structure : Terrell international
Building services: Barbanel, Hilson Moran
Façades: Arcora
Vertical circulation: AH Conseil
Restauration: G Sir
Sustainable development : H. Penicaud
Acoustics: Lasa
Fire Protection : Apex
Landscape: Ingénieurs&paysages
PROGRAM 90-meter tower, offices, auditorium, retail, restaurant
USABLE FLOOR AREA Offices 37 500 m²; retails: 1 100 m2
MODEL Jean-Louis Courtois